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Welcome to Rio Salado Vaqueros 
          Cowboy Fast Draw                                          Division of Rio Salado Sportsman's Club

Our club is a newly established club, July 2011, however Cowboy Fast Draw has been around a long time.  One might say,

"What is Cowboy Fast Draw?" 

Cowboy Fast Draw is one of the fastest growing cowboy shooting sports in the world.  Participants dress in the 1800's period clothing and shoot .45 caliber western style single action pistols.  We use shotgun primers with wax bullets.  The shooters shoot at a 24" round disc either from 15 ft, 18 ft or 21 ft away.  When the light in the center of the target comes on, the shooter draws his pistol from his holster, aims and hits the target while being timed to the thousandths of a second.  For more information on the rules and regulations of Cowboy Fast Draw (CFDA) please visit their website

If you would like to join our club, please complete the Membership Form however, you must first join the CFDA.  Any questions please contact Muletrain (Bart Carr) at (480) 710-3593 or email at 

For more information about the Rio Salado Sportsman's Club click here for their website or contact them at 480-984-3724 or 480-984-9610.

Upcoming Events:

February 13, 2016 Saturday Shoot
February 24, 2016 Wednesday Night Shoot

 New stats posted for the January Shoot.  This begins the new competition  
Check them out!

Thanks to Sargent Major we have RSV Stats page.  It shows your fastest times, your hit ratio and your averages.  Check it out.  This is for Rio Salado Vaqueros club members.  Thanks Sargent!! 

Four Corners Territorial
at Pioneer Village on March 18, 19 and 20.  Thanks to the Arizona
for Hosting It!!

  For more information click here



Cowboy Fast Draw Motto:

Safety First, Fun Second, Competition Third 


Club News 

For 2015 practice schedule, please see click here.



See you on the line!!!